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    Smile Right place right time

    Saturday morning went to a duck pond me and a friend been feeding up for last few months. Id been sat there for a good hour or so with out seeing a thing , mainly in the pitch black thinking I must be mad. Then suddenly something to the left of me caught my eye a fox running only bout 20yds out. At that range the size 4 s dropped it on the spot. Really pleased as ive been out numerous times squeaking this fox with no avail about two months ago it appeared from a wood after a squeaking but only for a second not long enough for a shot. Hopefully the farmers chickens and ducks will be safe for a while and also the neighbours pet rabbits, after the carnage of a fox last time

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    Well don mate

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    that was a nice evening at least the farmer will be a bit happier with you and its nice to get something other than a duck

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    Result! I had two last night on ground that in the summer houses several hundred pheasant pens. The whole session lasted less than half an hour - I only need one more by the end of December to have reached a 100 since Jan 1st!

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    Good work! Its always when you least expect it. A good adreneline rush too!

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