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Thread: water rail

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    water rail

    How rare are water rails? I had to let one go from a mink trap tonight. I've never seen one anywhere round here before. Lovely little bird, it made it worth going out in the wind and sleet.

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    Only ever seen one myself, that was in very bad weather, my cocker flushed in out of a ditch.
    Not as close up as yourself.
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    I once walked in my office and put my hand on the open lid of my laptop to shut it and from behind it dashed a water rail and hid behind the desk so I shut the office door and fetched my stepfather to confirm that it was a water rail,
    I think the cat must have caught it an brought it into my office and it got away from him,
    The only other one I have seen was in a bush just outside Pitlochry,

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    I flushed out of a ditch whilst cock shooting at Holkham Hall on the Wareham beat maybe 10 years ago. Can't remember seeing another one since though?

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    Fairly common but usually quite secretive? whatever that means.

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    Quote Originally Posted by old man View Post
    Fairly common but usually quite secretive? whatever that means.

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    i have never seen one before i had to google it thanks ,it looks a lovely bird,atb wayne

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    Rubbish picture but it was blowing a gale and sleeting like crazy

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    Ive only ever seen one,my dog pegged it on a rough shoot couple of years back, luckily i was able to release it unharmed.....

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    No shortage of them in S Wales, but they are very secretive. If you spend enough time by the water, especially around reedbeds you will see them. I see them most often when I'm fishing, but I was very suprised to see one in my back garden last year when we had the snow!
    Atb Lee

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