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Thread: Twist rates

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    Twist rates

    Hi guys.
    can any of the knowledgeable among you possibly tell me the twist rates of 2 rifles i have and what bullet weight this makes them more suited to (in theory)

    1. tikka 695 ss synthetic 30-06
    2 browning x bolt 223


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    Rifles aren't always exactly as advertised, so rather than relying on theory, why don't you measure them yourself?

    Then you can check out the following url:

    Regards JCS

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    Check model spec on

    I think you'll find your X-Bolt has a 1 in 12" twist Mick.

    Rgds, Buck.
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    thanks ,tikka link gives it as 1:11 but i know these figures dont always reflect performance .just interested to know.Only way to find out is try different loads as sometimes some defy all the norms

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    You could try some 53grn veemax in the xbolt .

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    Yes a shop fairly local to me is selling the hornady 53gn vmax at a resonable rate,will have to give them a go

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    Twist Rates - how to find what your twist rate is:

    You can check the twist in any barrel like so:
    Remove bolt from rifle.

    1. Place a mark at the muzzle (Felt pen/tippex dot).

    2. Place a tight fitting patch on cleaning rod & (Patch end) draw a straight line with felt pen along the length of the rod approx 15".

    3. Insert patch/rod carefully into muzzle & mark the line as in enters the barrel at the mark on the muzzle.

    4. Drive the rod into the barrel & as the rod/line turns & arrives back at the mark on your muzzle, place another mark on the line on the rod.

    5. Withdraw the rod & will have your twist rate.
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