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Thread: diana hunters dvds

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    diana hunters dvds

    i have the following dvds for sale

    sika stalking
    rifle hunting in denmark
    rutting roe bucks in hungary
    summer bucks
    canada the fascinating north
    a highland dream
    highland fever
    deer stalking and game shooting
    my very best buck
    the lord of the pinnacles
    up high in norway
    these are all in their original boxes and the discs are all original. i am looking for 10 each or 90 for the lot

    i also have the following
    extreme deer hunting 1,2,3,4,5,6
    extreme goat hunting 1,2
    thompson long range (usa)
    hammer time with wall dallenbach (usa)
    ull hunting 5,6
    i am looking for 7 each or 70 for the lot.
    cheers for looking

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    rutting roe bucks in hungary, rifle hunting in denmark please

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    Sika stalking please pm sent

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    I'll have the lot for 70 if all are available.

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    All dvds are sold depending reciept of funds. Sorry to all who replied

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    I misread the ad and thought they were all for 70. My apologies.

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