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Thread: C.O.L of Hornady Spire points

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    C.O.L of Hornady Spire points

    Evening all,

    I've had this small issue for a while now which i finally thought i would ask some of the more experienced reloaders on here. Ok here goes:-

    Spire points/soft points heads, these seem to vary in length when measured, i even have different measurements with V max heads sometimes. When seating the head with soft lead heads, do i need to adjust/back off the seating die on every round to get the 2.200 C.O.L? The measurements differ only slightly, 2.201, 2.202, 2.199, 2.198, i know this is such small measurement but i like working as accurate as possible. All trim lengths were cut back to exactly 1.750.

    Please share your honest thoughts lads.



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    I take it you are reloading for .223 Rem? It sounds like you are getting quite consistent seating.

    I don't normally measure the COL of the loaded round, instead I have a target OAL length in mind measured to the ogive and look to seat the bullets within +/- 2 thou of a nominal OAL. I use the following kit to measure up the loaded round.

    Specifically the Lock-N-Load™ Bullet Comparator and in your case I would be using the .22 insert. Finally, I never, ever measure the bullets themselves, I know they vary and that some folk get two ogive inserts and measure them, but life is too short.

    Regards JCS

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    Lock-N-Load™ Bullet Comparator
    I use one of these now as I discovered a similar variation in the COL of 6.5x55 soft points. The overall effect on bullet accuracy may not be that significant but it's one more variable which can be eliminated and at a reasonable purchase cost.

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    ignore oal,important bit is ogive,part of the bullet that touchs rifling first,get hornaday o,a,l gauge,a comparator set and modified cases for your calibers,you need calipers aswell,only takes a few goes to get the feel of pushing head in til it touches rifling,do it 6 times say and write down every reading so you can a pattern,you will get within 1 to 2 fow,if you follow instructions that comes with it its simple.atb swarovski
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    I agree with the previous a comparator guage and measure from the ogive of the bullet. It'll give much better OAL readings and is a more consistent point to measure from. The pointy end of the bullets may vary considerably.
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