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Thread: muntjac trouble

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    muntjac trouble

    hi , im new to stalking and have been spending alot of time lately trying to shoot muntjac in some of the woods on our farm. however , it seems that no matter how much time i put in i never have any success eaven though there are numerous munjac in the woods ,i know by the amount of tracks and because we all see them in there whilst walking the dogs through there. i am using a .223 although in places you can only see 50 yards because it is so over grown.are there any tips like using licks or calls that could give me more luck. any help appreciated, thanks

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    Don't try to hard or over do it. Sit tight in the wood and let them show themselves, preferably on a ride or well used path. You will soon get the measure of them if they are as numerous as you say. Try a Buttalo for calling when you have a bit more experience,good luck.

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    If you can it may be more successful putting up a doe box and baiting an area.

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    You need to get a high seat and put it in a position overlooking areas of deer activity.
    If you are new to stalking, and trying to stalk muntjac on foot, then you are wasting your time. They will have the upper hand on you in any small wood.
    Get in a high seat an hour or two before last light and wait. The wood will come alive like you've never seen!
    (Doe boxes are not too good for munties as they tend to be too close and will notice you. Baiting deer is illegal!)
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    Hi Minikeeper,

    I am also a novice and have been having lots of fun difficulties with Muntjac. There are a number of things that I have learned this year of having my own (albeit shared) stalking ground, - Slow slow slow, glass glass glass, and most of all enjoy!
    They aint easy That is the appeal to me and long may it last.

    Monkey is right if you want to manage the population, put dinner on your table or enjoy the countryside for what it is, however there is nothing better than grassing that hard earned Munty on foot to my mind.

    Get a copy of "Muntjac. Managing an alien species" by Charles Smith Jones.


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    sitting in a place of vantage is likely to produce results when you select a position that has good fields of vision near thick cover. Don't be affraid to cut back brush down gaps and rides to reduce deflection risks where they are likely to cross

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Baiting deer is illegal!
    It's a bit early for April Fools jokes isn't it?

    What law states it is illegal?

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    We have a decent population of muntjac round our way. They are considered to be not far off vermin by some of the driven shoot keepers - they love the wheat. Some of the guys round my way are very effective in managing the numbers.

    Highseats are the way forward. Muntjac are so short that its difficult to spot them from ground level. Even if you do, its difficult to get a clear shot without having to shoot through cover. Shooting through cover is a contentious thread in itself, but generally best avoided if possible.

    Try and get a feel for the routes that the deer use within the wood and set your seats accordingly. There are some good designs for wooden seats that can be made quite cheaply. Your high seats also double up for foxing if you're after Charlie as well.

    Best of luck with it and let us know how you get on. It would be good to see some pics of your first success.



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    Took me years to shoot the first one, the ones I see never stay still and they are a bugger to shoot.

    Good luck


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    I have been seeing one of the little sods at night with the Night vision when I am out after the bunnies. Annoyingly he then dissappears during the day when I can shoot them. But at least I know where they are and will be setting up to sit and wait for him hopefully soon. I am tempted to go out one night to follow him just to see where he goes because they always seem to be on the move.
    Thanks for the book tip Tabs. Just bought one off ebay.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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