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Thread: Stainless mounts?

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    Stainless mounts?

    I've just bought a t3 stainless 6.5x 55 i was thinking of putting stainless mounts on to it only thinking if stainless on stainless will marry ok or will it be best to go standard mounts?? Aiming for good weatherproof set up!

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    Either should be fine - purely a case of aesthetics if all the kit is new.
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    Rifle and mounts new so long as everything stays tight I'm happy just want to pick it up and go!! Think rifles etc are a bit like dog leads..... It's not what lead you have got it's what's on the end of it that count!! Although with give a bit bit of optic alowence!!

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    Purely for aestetics I would go for stainless bases and blued rings.

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    Just gona go stainless all t way just some one said stainless mounts not ideal with stainless rifles??? Got 2 chances I guess!!

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    Stainless on stainless will not be an issue, metallurgically speaking. (is that a real word?)

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