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Thread: 22LR Tracers

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    22LR Tracers

    These look like fun:

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    i have about 30 here in the cabinet had them for years but never fired them ??

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    fun for about a minute, then what..ha ha ha. I'd much rather have some for the .243 and watch them out to 500 yards to view the ballistic curve over a longer range, but more importantly, use them to learn about drift behaviour in windy conditions,,again, with a large calibre.

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    Use some of the tracers for your .22 while out bunny bashing, make you realise how dangerous riccochets really are! I shot a rabbit in the head once at 50 yards, went straight through, hit the big bank behind it, and whizzed right past me high in the air. Well scary. So now the bullet is going completely the wrong way to where I fired it.
    Like PKL, I would like some tracers for the big rifle. Fun times.

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    can you get hold of .22 tracers in the uk ? i know you can get hold of 5.56 and 7.62 in the uk

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