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Thread: Leica rangefinder

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    Leica rangefinder

    I am looking for a Leica rangefinder. Must have box and all paperwork and be in very good condition?

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    Hi James

    there is a LRF 900 scan on Airgunbbs for a very good price all boxed with papers

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    Hello mate i have a leica LRF1200 but i dont have the instructions or the box it works great and come with the bag i have some one interested i will let you know if they drop out

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    Thanks guys, i just missed the airgunbbs one. let me know if yours is available mark i would be interested if the condition is good.

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    Hi James
    I have a Leica 1200 with case and lanyard but no box. Excellent condition - one tiny mark on the top corner. Let me know if you are interested and I will send you some photos.

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