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Thread: CHEAP Harkila Pro Hunter Trousers - Heads up!

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    CHEAP Harkila Pro Hunter Trousers - Heads up!


    I have had the afternoon off work today and decided to treat myself to a visit to one of my local country clothing suppliers for a browse. I nearly fell over when I stumbled across a pair of brand spanking new harkila pro hunter trousers for 96!!!!!!!!! They're the last pair in store and they've been trying to shift them for an age with no success, so have dropped the price to clear. They are sized 58 (think that's 42 inch) so far too big for me otherwise I would have had them.

    I've not bought them but on the way home it crossed my mind that surely someone on the SD forum would want them. So if anyone would like them please send me a PM and i'll go and pick them up tomorrow and post to you (assuming no one else has had them in the meantime)! Or if you're local give me a shout and i'll tell you where you can find them. If I pick them up then i'd obviously like to be reimbursed for the cost of the trousers and postage, but no more.

    Please can I ask that you only PM me if they're for your own use or for a Christmas present for some lucky mate/partner! I'd hate to go to the bother of picking them up for someone and then see them being sold for a profit - I could have done that myself!

    I may be well off the mark here with this post, but I personally thought it was a cracking deal and i'd have snapped them up if they were my size, so thought i'd extend the offer to you all.



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    Now thats just the excuse I need to put those extra inches on. Will see how gooda Chrissy I have and may pm you in the New Year

    Seriously tho - generous offer mate

    All the best


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    Did you get my PM

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