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    Free to good home

    Well it is that time of year again and my freezer is getting the gutting it has needed for a while in fact its not been done since april. Anyway enough of my domestic failings.
    I have found to or three heads 20 or so legs 2 0r three skins full and part. to containers of blood . Any one interested before a throw them out you are welcome to the stuff. I will meet the person at the Hamilton services. M74. Some one must be thinking of training there dog . Any way you have till next week then it will get switched off and gutted for the new year.
    just PM me.
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    I'll take the legs, skins and blood please......i'm in the process of thraining my dog and a friends and am having probs getting enough .

    I live near Jnc13, of the M74 so Hamilton isn't a prob.



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