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    deer lawn

    I have a small woodland, mixed but a lot of conifers. very hard to get a shot so we have made a clearing. Its now much better for a shot from a seat but the ground is dead from the pine needle mulch. Is there a procedure to assist new plant growth or could I even seed it somehow? I know needles are toxic to other plants so do I have to move them or does the soil just need time?

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    Yes, you're right. They are acidic. All that will grow will be more of the same, and they will take a while to establish.

    You need to scarify it and move/break all that up, and probably do some seeding/sapling planting yourself.

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    Give it a good covering of lime and other fertalisers and plant some shrubs you will have a nice deer lawn in no time.

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    Not sure what part of the country you are but lime will do the trick, try and get hold of some grass seed, can't remember the variety , but the stuff councills use for pathing up areas will grow anywhere.
    Also brash the trees around the clearing.

    Good luck

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