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Thread: HS Precision Stock repairs

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    HS Precision Stock repairs

    anyone out there got experience of repairing HS Precision stocks.

    I was out on the hill yesterday and the bipod fell off taking a chunck of the fore end with it including the button insert. It appears that the outer fibre had cracked and it was the inner fill that was holding the bipod on.

    Luckily I had just picked the rifle up when it happened and not driving the quad.

    Someone suggested Araldite the insert back in. I am looking for other suggestions/ options before commiting.


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    Don't just re-join with araldite. You'll be better using an epoxy based filling agent and then applying glassfibre cloth.

    Can you post pics before offering more guidance?

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    As the synthetics are supposed to be the bee knees and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tough may I suggest you contact the makers and see what they say about it .
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    +1 what BH said.

    call the manufacturer and give them ****. funny, never seen that on a wooden stock

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    probaly is a manufacturing harm in asking

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    thanks for the replies, photos of the damage and left over pieces shown below.

    I have tried twice to email HS precision but the email keeps bouncing. WIll try again. Spoke to their UK distributor who were not very helpful.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Picture 009.jpg 
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Name:	Picture 003.jpg 
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Name:	Picture 004.jpg 
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Name:	Picture 007.jpg 
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Name:	Picture 008.jpg 
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Name:	Picture 001.jpg 
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    You probably best waiting up one night and phoning them. The call really won't cost that much unless you use a mobile.

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    spoke with Josh at HS Precision and explaied the fault.

    Straight away he said that they provide a free lifetime repair/ replacement ploicy on damaged stocks.

    Have sent him the photos and await their instructions on wheteher they want to pursue a repair or replacement.


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    Looks as if there is only one layer of glass in that area. Normally the stud area should have two/three layers.
    No problem fixing that. I think the stock will need to be re-sprayed to look good again after repair.
    If you are stuck, we could do the repair.

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    See phones are for talking and work wonderfully.

    HS are supposed to be the best, or one of the best, so one would assume they will make it right. Please keep us informed.

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