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Thread: Fallkniven Diamond dc4 knife sharpener

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    Fallkniven Diamond dc4 knife sharpener

    Anyone use one of these ? looking for a sharpener to carry whilst in the field in case I need to touch up the swingblade, have a bladetech and used it on one of my other knives thought it was ok to start with, but its agressive and one of the teeth has chipped leaving it useless, the dc4 looks handy enough to carry with me anybody any other recommendations ?

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    i use a dc4 all the time, can get most things razor sharp, handy piece of kit.
    Thumbs up from me.

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    I started using one a month ago so still polishing it up really but impressed with it so far.

    Very easy to use and very clean.

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    I use one all the time, works very well with the swingblade. Just make sure that your one is reasonably flat when it arrives, I have seen a few wonky ones lately, which defeats the object really.

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    I've got one: the ceramic side leaves a very smooth finish and is about the best way I've found to achieve a razor edge on my Fallkniven F1

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    I have a number of them. Use them to sharpen hunting knives as well as my wood carving knives. Also consider a small piece of leather on a thin board with some stropping paste. I find that is all I need in the field but always carry the sharpener too.

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    Feedback on these seems very positive thus far, aside from some quality issues just ordered one for less than 15 quid posted so cheap as well, thanks for the help lads

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    i carry a sharpener with me,its some german thing i think,it sharpens well but you got to go gently with the carbide side because it stripes the metal off the blade real easy,it doesnt sharpen as good as lansky diamond set ive got though,cant carry with you though.its a convenience tool,blade edges blunten too quick

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