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Thread: How far do roe roam

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    How far do roe roam

    There seems to be some debate on the issues relating to roe management when you only control a relatively small area.

    In my area it would seem that whilst we have some gps of roe in generalised areas, at times there appears to be a considerable degree of movement, often miles. If movement is unrestricted by M ways and railways is there any info on just how far roe will roam?

    Is it disturbance related or is it a search for food?

    Im my patch we don't have big blocks of wood, more spinneys and very thick hedges. Lots of maize and some permanant blocks of elphant grass.

    V few formal shoots so roe not dependant on pheasant feeders.

    Any thoughts?


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    Young bucks looking for an area to call his own will travel a fair distance. We had a tagged one that travelled 20 miles or so. The does don't tend to go far from where they were born

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    Ronnie Rose(snr), Had a tagged one recvered 27 miles away.

    ATB Barry

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    Well, I'll leave it to the students of biology and ecology to give their expert answers, but I suspect terrain/geography, food source, population density, breeding opportunity, health considerations, the time of day, the seasons, human disturbance housing, roads/motorways stock and crop in fields etc) and probably a fair few other factors all play their parts in deciding whether any individual can stay within a small home range or must venture further.

    As it happens, I've been watching a particular Doe and Kid all summer here. The doe gave birth in a water meadow of mine, not 300 yds from where I am typing this, as I sit here in my Kitchen. And... I have seen the pair of them all over the land which I regularly patrol, some my own, some neighbouring land where I shoot and some where I walk my dogs but do not shoot, all within a country back-road network which I use all the time and... basically, I've positively identified them all over an area roughly 3.5 miles long by 2 miles wide, and they possibly venture outside that range too but I can't see how they spend much time outwith this area as I or friends and family have seen them inside this "range" most days and at all times of day. There are about another three Roe which seemed to regularly appear in this zone and quite a few occasional visitors too (but my freezer seems to be reducing that number slowly) We also have some occasional interloping Sika hinds but they, and any other evidence of them, seem to appear only briefly every spring then depart, presumably back over the hills to Jamross's ground

    By the way, I've now got the task of culling the kid because, as of this week, mummy doe has either abandonned her or more likely fallen to stalkers on nearby woodland, at any rate I have gone five days without seeing her and junior is making very heavy weather of it alone... Pining up fence backs and even trying to tag along behind me while I was out and about yesterday. I was going to maintain a watching brief but as of the snow this morning, my mind's made up... but I digress.

    Seven acres to a Roe in good broad-leafed woodland used to be someone's rule of thumb (Mr. Prior's if I recall correctly, apologies if I'm wrong) I suspect that's an over generalisation and would be surprised if that rule holds anything like true here.
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    [QUOTE=barry thom;296002]Ronnie Rose(snr), Had a tagged one recvered 27 miles away.

    ATB Barry[/QUOTE
    That's the one, back in the 80's. Went from Eskdalemuir to the Newcastleton area

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    D it seems to me that the Roe in our area are very territorial , ive got several familys which are in different areas that rarely move from the 2 or 3 fields i originally seen them in , the exception to that is when the rut is going on ( mother wanders looking for bucks ) and for a short period when young are taken out / shot . That being said if ive iliminated mother and young it only takes a short period of time before their territory is taken up by another family .

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    I think that in the most Roe do not move very far and under normal every day circumstances they are happy were they are. They only need good feeding good shelter and a chance at a shag and there happy. Some times finding these simple things can be quite difficult and they will need to roam to find them. Bucks will of coarse move the most as they are the first i see getting evicted from there seniors territory. But Does can move great distances when in pursuit of love in fact a few winters back i recall many does from the Glasgow area being found as far south as DnG. Like Tamus i will leave the real tech stuff to the Data collectors i can only speak from observations.

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