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Thread: 6.5 Swede Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter Mk2 and accessories

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    6.5 Swede Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter Mk2 and accessories

    UK Gunroom: Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter Mk2 STAINLESS + T8 6.5 x 55 Rifle (for sale)

    Just seen this guys and it's absolutely mint. Had a chat with the owner on another rifle he's disposing of and I think it's a cracker.

    Sad to see someone who has to give up the sport, but he comes across as wanting his rifles to go to a caring home - so I thought I'd point the readership at it.

    I really hope someone can give it a good home.

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    obviously this is well out of date but if anyone has anything similar currently up for sale…I'd be keen to speak with them.Thx

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