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Thread: 270 reloading dies

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    270 reloading dies

    Hi all, does anyone have any 270 dies that they want to sell?

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    Have you looked on e-bay?

    new/used RCBS/Lee/Lyman/Redding take your pick.

    Sorry no I only have the one set and am hanging on to them.

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    Thanks Brit. just ordered from U.S. based eBay 21 including the postage brand new. Happy days.

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    They usually don't take long to arrive either. Have brought several sets like the 280AI and 25-06 fom the US in the last year or so. First did this when the dealers in the UK were quoting over 6 months delivery on a set of dies. Tried the importers got told the same so ordered direct from Lee Precision and got them in 10 days.

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