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    GBR Actions

    Does anyone know anything about GBR actions? Heard any feedback or got experience of them. I believe they are new into the market place and also that they are made in the UK. Are they any good?

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    What do you fancy now?

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    They are made by rhino rifles

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    A good friend of mine commissioned a custom rifle build earlier this year. Completed in September, a GBR action was fitted with a 24" Shilen barrel and Jewel trigger, the whole, mounted into fine wood - stock blank, carved by a well known stock maker.
    Calibre is 6.5x47 Lapua. It's a very fine rifle and he's in Scotland stalking with it as I write this.

    Cannot see anything wrong with the GBR action at all, they're located in/near Northwich in Cheshire.
    To my eye, they appear to be a sort of 'Blueprinted' Remington action??
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