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Thread: Looking for a custom action!

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    Looking for a custom action!

    I have two spare Shilen Select Match in 30 cal and would like to build a custom for myself .If you have a good quality action just lying gathering dust,(unlikely) but hey i've been wrong before, then get in touch please.
    The possibility of someone having one is slim I know, but even a shot out rifle with the action as donor would suffice.


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    Griff, you might have a word with Chris Blackburn at Anglo Custom Rifles. I know that he has a new British designed and built custom action becoming available about now.
    I have no idea as to the characteristics of this action, but it might be worth the price of a phone call to talk to the guy.

    He is building the 260rem for me in the next month or two, sorry about the 264wm....

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    a good source of custom actions is South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies (I have no affiliation with this company), they are importing Surgeon actions and also Lawton actions from the states - either would make an excellent choice for a stalking rifle.

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    You may do worse than speak to Mike Norris as I think he may be able to help.




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    we do a lot of work with of the allround good guys!


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    True enough Griff. If you're round often enough I'll no doubt bump into you one of these days!



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