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Thread: BSA Martini International .22LR - Modified for hunting.

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    BSA Martini International .22LR - Modified for hunting.

    Provisionally SOLD

    Up for sale is my BSA Martini that I have had for several years. Last year I had the barrel cut back to 16.5" and a moderator fitted. Although it's still got a bit of weight to it, it's far lighter than when it had the 29" barrel length.

    This rifle is very accurate as it's based on a target rifle. It's setup for scope use but still has the screw holes for the original open sights, if you preferred, which are available on 'the bay of fleas'.

    It has an incredibly light but sharp trigger pull.

    Stock has clearly seen some action, but has no cracks and has been polished regularly. There are sling points front and back and a rail underneath to mount a tripod.

    The sound moderator is available as part of the deal for free but is on my ticket so you'll need the space for it if you want it. The rifle is quiet without the mod, with it it's quieter than an air rifle!!

    It will also come with a Hawke Target 4-16x44 AO scope with rings. It's in excellent condition with no marks at all. Straight cross hairs reticle.

    I've done some ammunition testing and have found that the Ely Match rounds work best.

    I'm looking for 150 all in.

    Face to Face preferred or can send via RFD at your expense. Live in Suffolk, East Anglia but happy to travel within reason.

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    I have to say i have used one that was done like this and it was oooooooooooooooooooooossssssssssooooooooooooo nice to shoot, and i have just filled my slot as well.


    good luck with the sale mate its cracking
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    Bob, a mutual acquaintance/friend of ours was talking about doing exactly this to one sat in a gun room not far from me Bob. Wonder if D would be interested?

    I love the Martini action, cut my teeth on them shooting 5 bull cards at the school 30 yard indoor range, bloody accurate rifles, just a shame they're single shot, bit of a pain for hunting (though with their accuracy one shot should be plenty!)

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    Yes, thats the same as I learnt at school. Action is so positive, trigger just the right weight, and as you say, accuracy is impressive for a design so old....

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