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    Lab Studs

    Can anyone tell me of any good Lab studs, my bitch is out of FTW Astroglen Defender to a good working bitch, She has had her Hips and Elbows scored and has low scores in both, she's due to be in season late feb to early march. I have looked at using a Drakeshead dog but it is a long way up country to travel. Anyone know of anything a bit closer to home preferably a FTW or a FTCH. Many Thanks

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    Funnily enough i was looking today. Found seems like a lot of dogs on there.. I was just telling my missus that the only dog i found which 'fit the bill' so to speak turned out to be an older brother to my dog! Thats the problem with labs, its a small world..

    Im looking for a decent stud in the North of England/ South Scotland.. dont want any of these great big lazy show dogs though!

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    No nore me my bitch is as keen on the first retrive as the last, hunts like a spaniel and is rock steady when out with the rifle, what more does a man want.
    Hope you find the stud your looking for. Luke

    Cheers for the heads up on the champ dog website.

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    Theres a bloke called Martin Dance from Romsey way who has a few superb Labs which I'm sure would fufil your needs...

    I dont have his number but try googling it.

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    found him thanks Chopper

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    i have got a number to a chap in cheshire, noel bayley. i used one of his dogs on my bitch and she had 9 cracking pups ( 3 left to sell) he is a yellow dog and my black bitch had 5 yellow and 4 black. if he is not close enough for you it maybe worth a chat with him as he knows people all over. he won the championship a couple of years ago with a bitch he owns. pm me if you want the number. good luck

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