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Thread: Looking For Syndicate Members Boarders

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    Looking For Syndicate Members Boarders

    Sorry guys, One of the first guys to mail me lives within 30 mins of me and is almost certain to take the syndicate place. I would like to say thankyou for all the interest and if I changes I will contact you all again

    Hi I have around 1200 acers in the boarders and Im looking for up to 2 new members maybe from the leicestershire area or not? My syndicate only has 3 in it and 5 is plenty pus alot of deer. One side of our boundery of appox 2miles has clear cut that was planted over a year ago and is producing well now. I have a caravan on site which members can use and sleep in, very clean and tidy.
    Members must have DMQ 1 and can use the land as much as they like.

    Please contact me for more infomation

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    Hi buckbones I have DMQ 1 howe much & where in the boarders .

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