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Thread: Argo tires

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    Argo tires

    Does anyone know where to source argo tires at reasonable prices..seems most uk places want around 110 + P&P, but in the US they're about 80 for a set of two! also, does anyone know how 'flat' they can be packed if I decided to have some shipped via family from the US?

    thanks in anticipation

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    hi when i had an argo i just bought tyres for a quad, i think they were kendro dirt dogs and as far as i can remember they cost 40 pound each fitted

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    If they take quad tyres, give Lloyd tractors in Carlisle a ring.They were selling quad tyres cheaply a while back, might still have some

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    Hi PKL,
    I have 8 tyres from a 1987 Argo, they are all used but have about 50% tread left and they are the type geared more towards use on water.
    They were replaced with the other type thats are more suitable for land use.
    Let me know if any use to you and i will dig them out - you can have them for free if you cover the postage.

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