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Thread: Where can I buy one of these tripods

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    Where can I buy one of these tripods

    Ive been nosing around fieldsports tv and seen a nice looking tripod ...

    Anyone know who makes them and where i can buy one.

    Thanks UK Guy
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    Reloading solutions sell them.

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    Guys thanks for the info. They look like a nice setup.
    I will give aftab from RSolutons a call.
    Thanks again..
    UK Guy

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    Hi have you seen the triger tripod sold by Swillington Shooting Supplies, they are really good. Regards Grizzly.

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    I've had one for 5 years, bought it from Cabalas, but that is a good price as carriage is very dear from states. Got loads of sticks, Stoney point long bi-pods are good, but clients feel very stable on these, can be adjusted if the locking system wears, cant rate them high enough and pack down to a size I can get in the Jimny, nough said. deerwarden
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    i really fancy one of those kind with the quick trigger height adjustment....primos i think they called...also seen an advert for new vanguard tripod with the same but when i emailed the importer viking arms asking where i could buy em i was told they have no plans to release the trigger sytem in th why bloody advertise here then!!!

    sauer /paul

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    Vanguard do a trigger system monopod. The "Quest" I think it is a tripod and a very good one. Well worth a look.

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    The trigger system has been reduced from 130 to 110 recently by Bushwear, looked at them but not as rigid or as well made as the Bogpods in my opion, deerwarden.

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    Grizzly - I can't find the triger ones on their site. Have you got a link?

    Deerwarden - thanks for the thumbs up. I also have many sets mono/bi/tri/and quad (I think I'm more of a collector!!) but just the look of these oozes "stable"
    UK Guy

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