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Thread: LIDL - Sonic cleaners 19th Dec

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    LIDL - Sonic cleaners 19th Dec

    Just as the title says Lidl will be flogging Sonic Cleaners for 19.99 from the 19th Dec. It looks a little like the one I have but the timer settings are longer, which will be good as I have to put mine on two cycles to get the primer pocket gunk to come loose on some cases.

    I can stand about 30 308 cases upright in mine so I suspect you would get some thing similar in one this size.

    Just thought you chaps may like to know
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    Nice one Mel!
    I've been looking for a cheap one of these to try.

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    put a shot glass in the cleaner and then plain water around the outside of the glass. put your cleaning solution in the glass and your cases up right in there the glass stops the cases falling over. as they are upright they dont get an air pocket inside the case.

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    what happens if they touch?
    ad says they shouldnt touch

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    what happens if they touch?
    ad says they shouldnt touch
    The cases can touch without any detriment to the cleaning properties of the US cleaner, although there is a limit on the number of cases you can clean efficeintly at any one time.
    I found, through trial and error, that I can clean 15 .308 cases quickly (single cycle) and 21 .223 cases, althogh I use a large and more powerful cleaner.

    I cut a whole in a piece of perspex to suspend a beaker, with the cases in it, at a point above the US cleaner base.
    I adjust the position until the surface of the water inside the beaker is jumping around and found ths to be the most efficient.

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    well I just popped out and have 50 .270 cases in mine as we speak!
    the well is too shallow to stand them up so I thought about putting them in a structured manner but my excitement to fire it up got the better of me and I thought i would just whack them in and see what happened.

    40 would be better and guarantee full submersion throughout but I just jiggled them around half way through the longest 10 min cycle.

    chucked a bit of brasso fluff in there as well for good measure!

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    I have just bought on of these and was planning trying it out tonight. Do you deprime and resize before cleaning or do you just deprime then clean then resize ?


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    mine are deprimed and not-sized
    deprimed is a must

    shouldnt think it matters if they are sized or not

    surprised me how many little old ladies were buying them when I went!
    wonder if my neighbourhood is full of gun toting old ladies!? unless they just want to clean their glasses

    I prefer the first image

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    Would this cleaner be any good for cleaning a sound moderator? I've an Ase Utra Jet Z and was wondering if it would fit into the cleaner, the sound mod is 7x1 1/2 inch.
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    its 6"x5" oval so maybe not
    sure you could dismantle and make a bigger reservoir

    Just checked my first batch, definitely cleaner
    have a slightly waxy, greasy feel to them so some detergent is definitely a wise move

    they are not "polishing machine" clean but the crud is out of the primer pocket
    the neck is definitely cleaner

    I added some white spirit to the mix for a laugh. despite being generally insoluble in water it mixes into a fine emulsion when switch on.
    I am think the tiny bubbles of spirit might act as a good cleaner

    some filth on the surface

    clean and not so clean


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