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Thread: New togs

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    New togs

    I'm looking for some better shooting togs and have scoured the magazines and the net and it seems there is a lot of jacket/trouser outfits available that seems to do what it says on the tin, Ridgeline Roar 2, Swedteam Granasen, Deerhunter Ram, Seeland Keeper, Jake Pike Hunter or Countryman, the Harkila Hiker and Swedteam Hermelin trousers seem good too, do any of the members have any of the above and can recommend them or something else?

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    I've had Deerhunter stuff for a few years - since before I started stalking. I've got Huntsville trousers (don't think they make these anymore), Ram jacket and Pacha trousers.

    All the stuff I've had has been great - especially the jacket - its warm, 100% waterproof, quiet, loaded with pockets and wasn't expensive compared with the top end stuff.

    I'm sure that other gear is good too and others will no doubt share their experiences. I've stayed with Deerhunter stuff because its been great and I've never felt the need to look elsewhere.



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    I have used Deerhunter stuff for years mid price range good value for money and not the end of the world on fences.I think It would upset me if I had harkila but a careful person would be ok and it looks good.

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    +1 on the Deerhunter Ram Trousers/Jacket, no complaints and still going strong after 3+ years.

    Rgds, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    cant fault my deer hunter stuff have 4 jackets and 5 pairs of ram trousers keep you dry and warm

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    Use deerhunter ram jacket and can't fault it.

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    I've been doing some digging and I've found a place that will supply a Deerhunter Ram jacket and trousers for 130, just hope they have my size in, dwarf, extra fat!

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    have used a deerhunter ram jacket as my no1 stalking jacket for about 10 years and its still going strong great for pockets as well,swanndri great as well and ive recently got rivers west field pro smock and ranger trousers good kit and totally waterproof but no very breathable and it goes really hard when you get blood on it!!lightweight and warm though so i.ll see how it goes over the winter

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