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Thread: Stalking the Solway way

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    Stalking the Solway way

    On Thursday morning at 4am I set out to meet SolwayStalker Colin for a day stalking for roe.
    I arrived at 7am and transferred my kit into Colins 4x4, we then set off to stalk the first bit of ground.
    As we arrived the day just started with the sun peeping out from a clear sky.
    After asking whether I wanted to take the lead or not I asked Colin to lead as it was his ground and he would be better aware of the likely spots deer might be found. I had the hairy German bitch with me and after a few minutes thrash around she settled to heel albeit on the lead!
    As daylight dawned and we had made our way up hill it was clear that this was a very special place to be. The views are stunning. I'll post some pictures later.
    We spotted several deer but none in a shootable place.
    Areas of the ground showed major disturbance by boar, some places looking like a tractor driven by me had been through it (I cant drive a tractor)
    We stopped for a bite to eat in a local cafe, both of us having the full cardiac arrest treatment in the way of a full Scottish (similar to a full English with a recently captured Haggis thrown in for good luck)
    In the town we met PaulBarony and had a chat with him for a few minutes.
    For the afternoon we stalked what can only be described as 'perfect' stalking ground. Long rides enclosed by a nicely thinned wood with good views right through the wood. It was here that we spotted a likely doe and managed to stalk to within 80yds or so but she did what roe have a way of doing as only roe can and she disappeared into some thicker forest.
    Some Scottish mist did come down in the afternoon (horizontal and vertical rain at the same time!) but this didnt detract from what was a fantastic day out.
    I cant wait to get up there again and enjoy the privilege of stalking some of the best ground there is for roe deer with a knowledgeable and thoroughly likeable gentleman. Thanks are a rich man indeed.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    A good day out Tony , nice to meet you at last , i took a guy from SD out the following day
    over the same ground ,we got a doe in the morning and doe and kid at night
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Atleast you had a good day out!

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