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Thread: Leica lrf 1200 rangefinder

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    Leica lrf 1200 rangefinder

    Leica lrf 1200 range finder for sale in god condition measure in yards or meters

    300 posted
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    Whats the best price you will do on it mate?
    Do you have the box and paperwork?
    Finally, how old is it?



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    I have had it about two years i have no idea how old it is and i dont know how to tell it came in the box but the box has long gone i put it up for 300 delivered make me a offer by pm if i think its reasonable you can have it


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    hi how about 250 for it

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    Thats fine if you pay the postage


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    One of the most useful tools in your bag... great for accurate zeroing and if used on your ground you can get readings for your most usual sighting areas. Personally don't see why anyone would sell thiers?

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    Bought a new zeiss with a red cross for dusk shooting and nv


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    maybe bought a newer model?

    I have guns because i love shooting, what i hate is red tape and been screwed by a Dishonest Government.

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    No mate all my rifles have zeiss scopes i bought the zeiss rangefinder off ebay i bid a small amount and bought it so now something has to go i keep lokking for a pair of rangefinder binos so the prf will go then so no newer model just personal choice

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