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Thread: Well,I went out and bought a new truck today........

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    Well,I went out and bought a new truck today........

    What do you think? It's a 3.0ltr Hi Lux on a 57 plate with 29k on the clock,a very clean motor..........


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    congratulations looks like a good clean motor toyota do make good trucks tho

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    Super trucks. I've got the same year as yours in HL3 spec with 3.0 and auto.
    Done 158K now without spending more than 700 on it in 4.5 years and all those miles.

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    Sounds good to me Chopper.


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    suits you sir regards pete

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    Nice ride Martin and already pimped.
    Anglo deer management and training
    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    Glad to hear things are getting sorted out. The big question though is how are you doing?

    I hope your doing better than the last time you posted.

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    3.0ltr Hi Lux
    Nice one Martin, I don't think there's a better all round pickup on the market.

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    Nice one . Just out of interest what sort of money did you have to pay? Only reason I ask is I bought a Navara of the same age ( out law model) and paid 8000.00+vat, I am currently in New Zealand and a truck of the same age would cost double that here ( $35000) just showes that the UK has some good points !!!

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