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Thread: A dancing fox.

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    A dancing fox.

    Leaving home at around 9am yesterday morning in bright sunshine I glanced down to the two 4 acre adjoined fields to the front of the farm which are linked by an open gate. There were the 6 ewes and four geese in the one field and in the next, standing there stoicly facing away stood the ram, some 100 yds away maybe. I followed his gaze, and there some 5-6 yds away was a fox. Now between the shoot next door and my other neigbhour we tend to mop-up a lot of these guys so seeing one in the daylight hasn't happened for several years.
    The fox saw us and lay down in the snow, then sat up then curled up then ran and skipped round the ram. He then lay down and then leapt in the air and so on for around 10 mins. He then limped of dragging his leg for 20 ft before diving into a small pile of snow and coming up with what looked to be a mole which he bolted down. He then carried on this 'dancing in the snow' for another 5 mins fully aware of us, before we left.
    I phoned the wife to tell the kids at home, who went upstairs and watched the show for another 20 mins before he just wandered of. The big black ram never moved till the fox was gone. The fox was no threat as it was quite small. The spectacle was the likes I have never seen before.

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    Could we move this please it waas meant to be in general discussion

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    Quite normal fox hunting behaviour in the snow. It almost certainly would not be a mole, there are few creatures that will eat them.
    They may be seen as a pest and we spend hours persuing them to eradicate this chicken/poult/lamb eating animal but they are fascinating creatures.

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    I quite agree Gazza, a super animal that I enjoy seeing whether it be with camera or gun.

    macberran that was some show you got to watch.

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    Maybe its first experience of the white stuff and still a bit of cub in him/her.

    My dogs used to go mental in the first few days of snow.........they just loved it.

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    I've seen a fox doing a 'dance' before - only this time it was in deep heather it was leaping up quite high and landing on all fours. My guess it was trying to trap some edible animal scurrying underneath the heather. This was in the Autumn in bright sunlight - when I first saw this, I thought someone was lying in the heather and waving a large hankie until I had the binoculars trained on the sight !

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