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Thread: Haunch of red ! Al'a chistmas.Trapper

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    Haunch of red ! Al'a chistmas.Trapper

    Take said haunch about 4 kg 10lb and peel it back , as you would jerky,
    For those that dont, know !!! learn!
    This is a whole haunch red stag! Break it down into the 3 muscle areas!RUMP , TOPSIDE , SILVERSIDE , that's what I have been told!!! ( correct me )
    This case I selected the Silver side ! whats in a name eh!! Back Muscle LEG! 8) GIVE IT A LATHERING , OF JUNIPER BERRIES X 6 CRUSHED , Black pepper , FRESH THYME , ORANGE LEMON AND FORBID COMMON!!!. ( THYMES THAT IS) all from my front garden dried cranberries, a lot of chopping !!

    Roll and tie said beast with all the smatterings! !. Wrap the Joint in Smoked dry cured ham , followed by smoked streaky bacon finished soon
    Burnish with BAY LAURILIS(just being posh) also from my garden, -PUT BAY LEAVES BEFORE HAM , my cock up
    smother in posh ham this case DRY CURED SMOKED WILTSHIRE!.

    FOR THAT . ADD THE BAY LEAVES AS REQUIRED .Splash some RED PALM AND CANOLA OIL(TESCOS ) CHEAP on it Vacuum pack or wrap in greaseproof paper until the appointed day!! 180 c 20 min per lb. or to your taste , as an opulent feast this will whoa !the neighbours , you can bet your arse they haven't' got it .
    regards Trapper

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    I think it`s the top rump Trapper though i`m not completely sure.
    Boy you`ve done that venison some justice and the Caratino oil is brilliant stuff, not slimy like olive oil.
    Hope you enjoy it.

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    not a thing wrong with it lad ,better than most eat this christmas, leg of sika for new year mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    one thing I learned is that JUNIPER BERRIES , pack a monster punch , I would in the future use less , and keep them whole unless on the outside of the joint!.
    We learn and move on , dead right on the Palm oil, It didnt fry the meat ., just blended in .

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