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Thread: J Darcy Of Dogs and Deer

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    J Darcy Of Dogs and Deer

    Please read advertising rules. Any goods offered for sale must be placed in classifieds.

    Thank you
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    I was never into the take of deer with lurchers even when it was legal.

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    I pmd you mate but havent heard anything

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    It is a hell of a book,whether you liked/agreed with it or not,and it will be worth a LOT of money in the future,they are already selling for more than 100 on EvilBay.


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    That old black and white bitch of his couldnt catch cold , hes a good lad , simon , but that nose casts hell of a shadow

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    hi mark have just got your pm and replied to it. The books selling at 70 for the unsigned, un-numbered trade ones without box and 120 for the signed, numbered one in box on ebay so please bear this in mind when pming with an offer. cheers.

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    Fantastic book,
    I have mine,, and will never sell,, just managed to get his other book as well,,, the hare and the swift hound, so well chuffed.

    I`d keep it mate,, it`s a superb book.

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    aye the hare and the swift hound was a fantastic book too I think he has plans to do another but with more text and in depth breeding info etc, as the hare and swift hound was designed to be more a photographic coffee table style book. It was selling for about 200 but is now down to around 120 on Ebay which is still good money considering the original rrp.

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    still got a copy of this book if anybody is interested please pm

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    great read jd can write a book thats for shure the guy has done a fair bit as a young man he mabe not have the best dogs but iam shure we all have had our fair share of duds over the years but i found it a good read and it will be worth collecting

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