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Thread: Dsc1 Done!

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    Dsc1 Done!

    Hi all

    Got back this weekend from a week in Epping, Essex, where I was attending the DSC1 course. It was a really good week, I learned a lot, even though I had really mugged up on the course material beforehand! Peter Pursglove was leading it, and he was great - a man who is clearly very experienced with everything deer stalking-related. My thanks to him for a very well-taught week.

    Anyway, I know I've passed visual identification, safety, and shooting, just gotta wait 4 or 5 weeks to hear back about the other two and therefore the course as a whole! I'm fairly confident, and can't wait to (hopefully) receive my certificate

    I'm itching to get my variation for a deer legal caliber sent off, but I'm just going to wait a little longer until I've got some more on-the-ground experience; I have been lucky enough to have had a couple of very kind offers from people who are willing to let me join them on their stalks - I really appreciate this.

    Anyway, the course definitely confirmed for me how much I want to get into deerstalking, I'm so glad I did it!


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    Congratulations. Well earned and deserved.

    Of course there's no turning back now!
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    You may be lucky mine came through in two weeks..

    One day I want to be as wonderful as my dogs think i am .....

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    Hi Ben, having not heard from you, I was thinking the worst...Anyway all Is well and well done, when you are free we can go out again, and get one this time... PS dont hesitate In putting In for your deer calibre...They take long enough to grant It, and you will be rolling by then...ATB...Mark
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    Well done mate. Recently did mine elsewhere and was confident I'd passed. 2 weeks later my stickyfoot arrived confirming I had. Not long to wait!
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    Jelen DSC1 Revision Software

    Having flunked DSC1 first time around, found for 20 the Jelen package (bought at the Brock & Norris stand at CLA 2010) covering the main paper (400 plus Qns) and Deer ID to be superb as a refresher, allowing me to pass with v high marks, through the v well run Cirencester BDS group.

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    Well done! I passed a few months ago, a good feeling indeed, we all got told on the day, well There was a spreadsheet on the projector with who passed and who didnt and who got what scores on what test. Great tuition, and a great bunch of lads attending the course! I only did the 2 day exams instead of the 4 day course. Worked out a 160. Damn good, and going to do the DSC1 but all in good time! Now waiting 7 weeks on my variation!

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    Thanks all for the kind messages!

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