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    Speer Hot-Cor

    I was reading through the many recent threads that touched on the recent plastic tip controversy and I noticed that John (YorkshireRoeStalking) had nothing but good to say about Speer Hot-Cor. The photos posted (in the thread regarding a recovered 6.5mm Partition) were also very impressive. As the 120g Hot Cors are some of the cheapest bullets available in 6.5mm I was wondering how people had gotten on with them in terms of terminal performance? As I understand it they are not bonded as such but the inference in the other threads was that they behave in a similar fashion.

    All the best.

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    For years I used Speer 145 grain (what they now call) Hot Cor bullets in my 7x57. Nothing but impressive kills and fine, fine accuracy. I will be testing them in the 6.5 at some point this year. I found a good deal on some 140 grain SST Hornady bullets so they come first.~Muir

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    The 120 grain 6.5mm Hot Cor has proved precise in grouping and effective on both Muntjac and Roe deer for me. Have used them though two 6.5x55 chambered rifles an original Swedish Mauser sporterised and an Obendorf Mauser M96 Slide Bolt. The Slide bolt preferred 140 grain bullets butt he Swedish Mauser really liked the 120 grain Speers and H4350 powder. I never recovered one of the bullets from any of the deer so cannot say how htey held together but as I never found shed jacket or core I can only assume they performed as designed.

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    The 117gr Hot Cor i use in my 25.06 have never let me em !

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    Cheers for the replies, at 24 for 100 this must be worth a look.

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    130grain Hot-cor, .270 at 120Yards and they do the business at the other end as well I tried Nosler BT and couldnt get a group from them so im left with a box I dont use. Oh well you have to try these things.
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