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Thread: disco vs defender

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    disco vs defender

    i have a 05 disco 3 that i am currently selling and i want to replace it with an old defender that i can do up as a dedicated shooting truck. the defenders still make good money but from a quick glance, discovery's around late 90's or 2000 seem to be in and around the same price as 20+ yr old defenders. looking your views on the older disco's compared to defenders for shooting trucks.

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    Having owned or used both for years the 90s disco is basically the same vehicle as the defender from the same era, they share the same engine gearbox and chassis they make excellent shooting vehicles, great off road pretty reliable but not so easy on the juice especially at todays prices!!!!!

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    one of the main issues i have with my current discovery is everything short of air in the tyres involves a mechanic, i am looking for somthing that i can work at myself. are the older disco's something for novices to work at ?.

    i would also consider a petrol / gas convertion. if you were looking for a gas converted jeep for shooting what would you go for ?.

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    Both vehicles with the correct tyres and driver are very capable off road. Approach and departure angles are a bit better on the defender, comfort certainly better with the Disco. Rust is certainly more common on Discos in comparison with same age Defenders.
    The reason in the difference in purchase price IMO is down to a few things but mainly that older defenders are usually owned by enthusiasts who keep their old vehicles in good nick so you may be purchasing an older defender but is better mechanically and body wise than the newer Disco. Many older defenders are built on a galvanised chassis, updated suspensions etc. There are rebuilds which are virtually a new vehicle.

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    IIRC defenders stil lhave aluminium body panels.
    Discos are steel and show the rust more.

    personally I find defenders cabins layout archaic and very restrictive if you are [cough] above average size.

    much cheaper and as capable off roaders available from the japanese side of the market.

    dont get me wrong I love range/landrovers.
    the parts are prohibitively expensive
    the lifespan of their comfort parts (electric windows, power steering, aircon, air suspension, heaters!) is way off the mark and that is the stuff that costs silly money
    the electrics are the same Lucas pre war assembly line stuff that has a life of its own!

    I am astounded that they think they can charge up to 30k for a poorly specced vehicle that hasnt seen a design change in 50 year and still has exposed screw heads holding some of it outer panels, fittings and bodywork on!

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    the parts are prohibitively expensive

    like a set of mintex brake pads for 10?
    how much is a jap set?

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    buy a pre 1999 defender and there is nothing that you can't change yourself given a few simple tools and common sense parts are for pennies and available over the counter at thousands of independent land rover specialists yes jap stuff is more comfortable and better put together BUT parts are expensive and harder to find

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    i just replaced the driveshaft on my defender for the princely sum of 120

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    I have a horrible old "J" reg disco that i bought for scrap value, 200, and am slowly doing it up with second hand parts. For chaps on a budget with some ability with a spanner and a lot of patience, it makes a good Gunbus for transporting guests 'cos the ride is first class. As a bonus the 200Tdi engine is good on diesel averaging 30 to the gallon.
    Regards Nick

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    They will both need work doing to them the disco is no more complicated than the defender just more rusty potentially having said that the last thing you want is a defender with a rusty bulck head.. There are good old discos about if you look carefully . I would go disco for the following reasons:
    1 Much much cheaper . Ok disco 1200 wreck defender 3000
    2. Much more room and confort (luxury if you get se)
    3. You can take passengers (7 seater)
    4. With seats folded you have got more room in back than defender.
    5.Whip the rear sunroof out for lamping.
    6. Ride much better.

    Just beware the dreaded rust!(sills, rear floor/wheel arches particularly seriously avoid rust near rear roof lights) It can all be fixed with time and patience.

    good luck George

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