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Thread: Bbc breakfast

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    BBC Breakfast

    I switched the TV on this morning and just caught the last part of an item concerned with stalking and the supply of venison, did anyone see whole section??
    Soon as I can get it on i-player I will have a look but from what I saw it came across quite well.
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    Heres the link to the piece I think you saw, it did come across well didn't it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by floyd View Post
    Heres the link to the piece I think you saw, it did come across well didn't it.
    Thanks floyd, just watched it, it was pretty good.
    Blimey! what's going on? not like the beeb, right in the middle of Rudolph season too.

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    An excellent bit of film I think, the funding aspect of this project in the East was mentioned in the BASC mag a few months ago


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    Blimey, a pretty good piece. Things are looking up.

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    On the whole very good. A few 'sound bite' phrases that are too familiar, but very positive step in right direction.

    We're not going to change perceptions overnight, its getting a consistent message across in small doses and over time that matters.

    For something like this to appear then an editor's or producers interest has been caught - could be some form of press release or as simple as a friend of a friend etc.

    Probably going to phrase this badly, but always important to be unashamed of what we do, but do nothing to be ashamed of.
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    Yes, it is pleasing to see the BBC is beginning to contribute positively to educating the public because they talked to experts concerned with deer management. I imagine we'll see more of this publicity as the issues continue.

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    Nice change, some good BBC TV
    Your a long time dead, enjoy every day like it's your last!!!

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    What a refreshing change, my only criticism it was too short.

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    that was a very good piece ,hopefully we will see more on those lines,atb wayne

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