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Thread: Mauser

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    I have a Mouser model model 66 in 270 I dont reload and was wondering what would be the best factory ammo for this model? The rifle is about 25 years old but in very good condition with no mod on it. Any help woud be very much appreciated.

    Glass Back

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    The answer is in your own hands. Buy a range of ammunition that is currently available and likely to remain available and go and try it out with the rifle. When you think you have reached a conclusion, ask a friend who can shoot to do a blind test to confirm your findings.

    Good luck. JCS

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    RWS 130G H Mantle . I have a model 77 and have used these from day one (since 1990) expensive now but an excellent bullet I have never had a problem .

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    Thank's JCS I thought that would be the direction to take just trying to save time if anyone had the same model.

    Glas Back

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    Thank's Bwana not seen those in my local gunshops I'll make enquires.

    Glass Back

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    used norma 130gn in a mauser (forget the model) with good effects
    pricey though

    try some privvi
    for the cost of a box you may be surprised and save yourself a fortune!

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    Tried the Privvi Bewsher No good group for me and two more shooters with good reputations couldnt get good group.I will try the norma though as they are a quality round.

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    me neither, I inherited some with a 243 and it was like a close range shotgun!
    worth trying of only to eliminate the cheap end of the range

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    I use 110 grain ballistic tips Norma for my .270. Excellent round and good price.

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    A contactor friend of mine has one and he uses 130 RWS,that rifle accounted for nearly 800 reds in a year and never skipped a beat.


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