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Thread: fallow in east linton area

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    fallow in east linton area

    are there many fallow in the east linton area? was chatting with a keeper recently who says there are some herds in this area but ive never seen any only roe.

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    I have seen plenty of roe in and around the area but never any fallow (doesn't mean they are not there though)

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    never seen or heard of any in East Lothian either..I'd be really really surprised if that was the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PKL View Post
    never seen or heard of any in East Lothian either..I'd be really really surprised if that was the case.
    According to my notes, I saw some about a mile west of Whitekirk one morning recently. There is a small herd thereabouts. The keeper's instructions were to leave them alone. Regards JCS
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    Being from Haddington I can say 20 years back there was definately none in the area and from speeking to a few mates of mine who are out running and cycling in the area regularly they have never mentioned it so I think this guy is having you on unless there is a relatively new enclosed herd or some have escaped from an enclosed herd.


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    thanks jcampbell I know the area well, i saw a trio of large looking roe one morning near whitekirk (near the turf farm) on a winter wheat field but didnt have binos so I couldnt make out exactly what they were, so it sounds as if there could well be a small fallow population there then, cheers for the info will keep my eyes peeled

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    i did hear that there was a herd of fallow released around east fortune

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    do you know roughly how long ago this was smudge?

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    I would be interested to hear where they came from if they are in the area.


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    not to sure ! i was stalking across there this time last year and the owner of the ground was gifted a herd of fallow which were released around that area !

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