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Thread: Price Rise

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    Price Rise

    I have just been down to the local suppliers for some Primers, they informed me that come Jan 1st there will be a 20% rise in basically everything reloading related, I bought some powder, heads and some more heads as a result of that conversation.

    Thought I would pass the info on.


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    I suspect that this can be tracked back to the Cousins. Apparently, since Mr Obama - a noted confiscator - was elected, the Cousins have been rushing to buy almost any kind of firearm and ammunition, reducing supplies available for export.

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    And the fact that the pound is on its arse agains all other major Currencies.

    My mate who is a RFD said the European stuff will cost him nearly as much to replace when it is sold as he is charging the Customer for it, the trouble is that the way things are a lot of people are looking to get stuff for less money not pay more for it.

    Best rgds


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    The Euro pound rate was the one I was told the American military in two wars was another.
    Two years ago lead was 4000 per tonne, now it is 1000 a tonne. Copper likewise. Someone is getting rich and we are paying for it.

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    There's a lot to be said for a bit of sensible panic buying, I asked a local rfd who doesn't deal in handloading components what he had, & he sold me the bits & bob's he'd accumulated over the years (opened boxes of bullets),in the calibres I shoot.
    If there's a shortage it may be a good idea to ask where you normally wouldn't.

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    I was in France in October and when visiting the local gun shops i saw that shotgun ammo was between 6 and 10 Euros a box for 30gr loads
    of number 5 or 6 . Full bore ammo was no cheaper than over here and a lot of it was a good bit more expensive But they had lots of cals in stock .

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