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Thread: .243 Hornady Interlock Round nose

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    .243 Hornady Interlock Round nose

    through a very generous chap on here I have acquired some of these for a bargain price.

    I am intrigued to see how they perform compared to the Soft Point 100gn I already use and wondered if anyone here had any comments on them,

    The first thing I notice is a significant drop in BC from the SPBT version from .405 to .230
    Doesnt normally bother me as I wont be shooting anything past 150yds with them.

    am I likely to see a faster expansion on impact?
    what are the other characteristics that people choose RN over SP?

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    my brother in law uses them because of tall grasses where he shoots, he believes the RN is less likely to cause deflection or early expansion. I tend to see his logic

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    Ive been in the tunnel today working a load for the 100 grain round nose interlock, after a mixed start i got them grouping at 3/4 inch, that was using federal brass, cci 200 primers and 38.7 grains of N140, will put this through chronograth next week to see what muzzle lelocity im getting but early doubts about round nose have been put to rest, good look with them.


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    thanks, good to know

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    Tried out the hornady 100 grain spbt today they are a very good round using same load as for round nose, will try and tweak a couple of grains higher later this week to see if they improve on 3/4 inch group

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