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Thread: a tricky one

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    a tricky one

    i have just got a new piece of ground for shooting bunnies on its rammed my problem is and this is why its so busy is the place has house on top of a bank to the north, east and south however there is a telegraph pole in the middle of the field that if a 10 ft high highseat was leant up against it would be a safe and suitable platform ????????my question is has anyone tried this is it legal to rest a highseat against a telegraph pole ?????????? help and merry xmas

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    just put a free stander in front that way your not using the telegraph pole ,i wouldnt think you would be leagle and you are bound to have someone report it ,atb wayne

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    Are you sure it is telegraph pole and not an electricity pole with live wires attached,either way you are not allowed to put a highseat against it, to put one against an electricity pole would be extremely dangerous

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    i think it may have both but the free standing seat a damn good idea i knew the peeps on here would sort this out ta stu

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    if it is electric you need to check first because if you are too close to the overhead cables electricity will jump straight through your steel highseat .make sure it isnt electric,atb wayne

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    A little lateral thinking but you could also try some longnetting at night as well as the shooting if it's rammed with rabbits??

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    the fields only about an acre too small even with my cunning invention of pop up long net but wont work field too small

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    As mereside said be careful with overheads a mate of mine was killed carrying a ladder under wires even though it was a wooden one it had wire inset for safety one damp drizzleing day electric jumped 4or 5ft and used him to earth not nice

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    Quote Originally Posted by devonfoxer View Post
    the fields only about an acre too small even with my cunning invention of pop up long net but wont work field too small
    Ach well, back to the lead chucking them

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    on a piece of land that size i may well just go out with my air rifle. quiet and little to no chance of ricochet. and it really sharpens up your stalking skills

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