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Thread: just my luck

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    just my luck

    After seeing a few roe moving around my patch i thought i would try my luck ,on arriving at the farm late afternoon the next day, i had to drive the full lenght of the farm because of the direction of the wind about 20mins of gates and ruts.
    With mag loaded and all my kit on i made my way two the spiny ,walking at snails pace throught the spiny stoping every few steps to take a look with the bios then move slow missing all sticks and tigs that lay in my path,40mins later and only 150yards covered i reach't the edge of the spiny this time looking throught the bios i could just make out some roe moving across the joining field that edge the spiny ,as i made it to the field and the end of my cover, tip toeing all the way i made out 5 roe, closer inspection made out 1 buck 4 does the buck and larger doe seem to be old than the rest and one kept being push't away by the buck if it got to close ,maybe a outsider .
    They where now in a place where the shot was not safe with a road running 150 or so yards behind them ,i waited 10-15mins and by then they all layed down, with the lay of the land i had to get back in the landrover and drive around to the far side of the same field .
    between me and the roe was about 150yards and only the ears showing above the grass so i started my stalk again slow and low getting lower the nearer i got within 80 yards now and still i could not make out which was which,by now im laying on the wet frosty ground ,a short press on my buffalo call did it ,up jump one of them it started to move from left to right towards me in a arc ,now 60yards in front and guess what, its the buck just my luck i could see what was about to unfold as soon as he reaches the wind hes going to get wind of me tasting the air as he moved
    it was like he hit a brick wall when he made me with a stamp of his front foot and a bark he was off and all 5 ran down back into the spiny not to be seen again.
    Till the next time we meet.

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    Bad luck but as you've said there's always tomorrow!
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    Been there also,stalking is not always about pulling the trigger.At least you have seen some deer,which is more than I have done lately .Better luck next time.

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    must say it was great fun, when he stood up my heart way pouning and good to see how the buck work't his way round to scent me.
    back out friday

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    Cool luck changed

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    all went as planed this time just about to call it a day well morning then 4 came out of the wood,took some getting of the hill.

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    I have stalked the same old doe four times now of late, difficult stalk due to the wind and she is super cautious, always close to dense cover so don't want to risk any shot that i know isn't going to be perfect......
    I almost enjoy the stalk more than pulling the trigger !!!
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    yes i must agree the stalk is as much fun,and then the shot my heart is going 20 to the dozen every time, evern have shaky hands after ,not the same if i shoot a fox ,not sure why.
    might be the build up of the stalk.
    love it any way

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    As the others have said - well done!

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