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    Post Lapua Brass .223 Points

    Just started using Lapua brass .223. Firstly price, got them from the Sportsman who sold them to me for 60 each instead of 64.99, what does every think about the price? If you know some where cheaper please state postage as well?

    After counting both boxes they seemed to be down 1 case in each (99 per box)! Any one else have that issue?

    Whats the most loads any one has every had out of these cases? I always hear reloaders say between 10 - 15 times, if I'm running a high charge i reckon i'll be lucky to get to 10 loads!

    As these cases cost me a little bit more coin this time i want to get the most out of them. As they are not yet fire formed, i will run them all through the resize die for the first time, after firing them for the first time is it worth me full length sizing them any more (working the brass and all that)?

    My last question is on case trim length. My Hornady manual states that i should trim back to 1.750, when i measured every case they ranged between 1.746 all the way up to 1.754. Normally i would trim all cases to 1.750 and just ignore and load the few that are under 1.750. Whats the general rule of thumb here, is it safe practice to load those few? I reload for the accuracy and hate having a few cases out by even 0.001.

    Any advice on the above would be greatly received.



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    If I've understood your post you've just paid 120 for two 100-item boxes of .223 cases .

    At a nominal 60/100 there are pure gold, so if you want maximum life I wouldn't attempt to resize them unnecessarily. Lapua cases are made to minimum dimensions, so what's to be gained? I've been told that these work straightaway in AR15 straight pull actions when other USA brands don't, so this probably accounts for the steep cost.

    The variation in OAL you've quoted is half the usual tolerances encountered in other brands. Apart from gently opening any out-of-true necks, I would just load these straightaway for fire-forming, then neck size them from then on.

    Subsequent case life will depend on how stiff your loads are so there really is no absolute or finite limit.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    Cheapest I've found is 'kent ammo supplies' (currently 55 including postage for 223 lapua cases). Personally I've never had a box of lapua that didn't have 100 in it, must have been unlucky to get 2. I don't trim until I've fired them a couple of times they could stretch different amounts, especially if you are load testing with the new brass. Only prep I do with new brass is check the flash hole and run them through a neck die with the expander ball in to give the same neck tension as my fired brass( new brass is too tight)

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    Last box of 100 Lapua 308 I bought was maybe nearly 2 years ago and I paid 64 then for them, I knew it was expensive but I also know that out here at the end of the supply chain you've got to buy stuff when you get the chance.

    I only load for 308 but am getting a lot of loadings out of a Lapua case. I don't keep a good record but figure some of the cases I have must be on around 15 loadings. The batch of 100 cases have been with me through a box of 1000 primers but a small number of the cases got considerably more use than some of the others, which have maybe only been fired a handful of times, and I have had one neck split. I only neck size now but most of those cases have also been full length sized a few times when I was starting out reloading. The loads are book max and are giving 3000fps with a 150 grain Hornady Spire Point out of my 308.

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    Lapua brass is very good and very consistent, I would trim the over length ones to make sure they chamber correctly and just load all of them.
    Once they are fire formed you should length check them again as a few may have grown.

    I have a variety of brass which I use for the .223 and they are all on at least ten firings. I have only had to bin a few, mainly due to mishaps when sizing.
    When they start to go off (neck tension goes off or seating a bullet becomes difficult) I re-anneal them and it all goes back to where it should be.

    For my target rounds (which may run hot) I use a selected number of Norma cases.
    These were sorted by size, weight, and then water weight and the cases that were within 0.3 grain across all cases are the ones I use.

    I don't load everything up to the max or run them all hot as it is not required, so I have a load for vermin/ballistic tips, one for deer/SP and one for targets.


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    Thanks for all the advice so far lads, great tips as always. I could of saved 5 today if i had known about that supply shop in Kent Rabbit Fingers . I'm hoping the odd few cases that were slightly under the specs will grow to the correct size of 1.750. I may only full size the cases from now on when they prove difficult to chamber (save the brass).

    I have never neck sized before but it looks like good practice to carry it out on every case every time they are reloaded . Annealing the cases also looks to be the way forward to get the most out of your cases.

    Just need to purchase a neck sizer.224 some where cheap now.

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    I use lapua 223 cases usually use them up to 10 loads then bin them..i have never annealed any of them guess it depends how anal you want to get...only neck size till i get a hard chambering and only then do i full length size.

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