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Thread: Leupold VXI 3-9x50

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    Leupold VXI 3-9x50

    No wear or tear on the scope.. butler creeks included. no marks on the tube and the glass is great. Standard dupex reticle. Its a great stalking scope but i have sold my .243 so it is surplus to requirements. it is approximately 3 years old, i have owned it since new.


    I also have a set of mounts for it (to fit a tikka) which are also like new and bought 3 years ago. 35 IF BOUGHT WITH THE SCOPE, otherwise 35 plus P&P.

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    What's the best you take for the scope

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    Hi have you still got the box and paperwork

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    Hi, I have one of these and would love another!
    same question as above but could you also post the serial number on the bottom or a pic


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    will it re-parralax to 50 yards?if so would i be able to do it or would it need to go away?

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    pretty sure they need to go away to be re-parallaxed.
    not sure it will need it to be honest

    the one I have is on a .177 PCP I have, works just fine from 20ft to 50yds

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    Thanks for the interest guys, just got back to work and its sold. Mounts are still available at 35 inc P&P.

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