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Thread: eyecup for 8.5x42el's

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    eyecup for 8.5x42el's

    Whilst crawling over rough ground stalking sika in Ireland last week I damaged the screw out eycup on my binos. Anyone know of where I can get a replacement? Any good tips for what to do with binos when crawling. Dont say take them off as usually need them to locate deer at firing position. Tried slinging them over my left shoulder but still get dragged over the terrain whilst crawling.

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    Contact swarovski direct,they will give you one free of charge I would imagine,they have with me in the past
    As for keeping binos safe,get a smock with a front bino pocket,safe as houses then
    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site: uksha1
    or find us on facebook
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    I suggest contacting:
    Phone: 0044-1737-856812
    I have found Christine exceptionally helpful in the past. I sometimes tuck my binoculars into my shirt.
    Regards JCS

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    i had exactly te same problem last month contacted swarovski uk had a replacement pair next morning

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    Also Carrie Brown at Swarovski UK, she sorted my SL's out in very short order.

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    Thanks for all the above replies.

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    I contacted them re: a strap they sent a new one straight out.

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