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Thread: Sunshade for S&B 8X56

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    Sunshade for S&B 8X56

    Anyone know where i can get one for the above scope

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    i had one from york guns ltd, thats was a while back tho.

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    Thanks Andrew but they dont have any,think i will try to make one and attach it to the butler creek flip up any ideas anyone

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    Take a piece of thick loden cloth and get it sewed up as a tube of the correct diameter then turn it inside out & slip on the bell objective end. Protects the scope on high seats from scratches also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KMCK View Post
    Anyone know where i can get one for the above scope
    Try at continental shooting in dalry mate,i got mine there, There a good price

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    i got one from optics warehouse/scopesdirect,you will need to ring them as they didnt list it on website but had them in stock when i bought my scope......

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    Swinllington shooting supplies have them in aluminum at 49 00.


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