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Thread: Reloading gear wanted

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    Reloading gear wanted

    So far I have the press (or will have) and the dies. I am after scales, trimmer, funnels, shell holders, primer pocket cleaner
    For a 243.
    If anyone has anything, please let me know, PM preferably.

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    reloading gear

    hi jack you have a pm hope this helps andy

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    how much will it cost to get set up for reloading my243?

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    Cost to set up for reloading

    Hi 243 fallow

    Im just buying my kit now and the (ish) costs are:

    Lee annivarsary kit - 100.00
    Dies - 35.00
    Shell holders - 5.00

    These are from Midway uk - apart from the brass, bullets, primers and powder, 150.00 should just about cover the basics.

    You might want an electronic scale too, these are from about 30.00 +

    Can anyone suggest anything ive missed?


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    A few good loading manuals would be of great use, you can download Hornady and Lapua's for free and has a loadmap for the .243 which may be of some use to you. You could also do a search on here as a lot of the lad's will have already posted info that will be of benifit to you.

    Besides that and a case length trimmer you'll be good to go.

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    If you are loading for only the 243 get the Lee trimmer kit. (Cutter and Lock stud with a .243 mandrel) It's cheap, fast, and exactly consistent from one loading session to the next.

    In my opinion, Lee 's "Modern Reloading Volume Two" is the best manual on the market. It is sensless buying a manual from a bullet maker. Lees data is correctly accumulated from powder makers. It also has information about reloading that few other manuals cover. Read the first 40 pages of Modern Reloading and you'll have a better than average grasp on the subject. I have about 40 reloading manuals and the Lee gets the nod 95% of the time. ~Muir

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    Re: Cost to set up for reloading

    Quote Originally Posted by Daemo

    Can anyone suggest anything ive missed?
    safety glasses
    vernier calipers

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    There's a booklet you can by called ONE CALIBRE that contains allthe pages of a particular calibre from all the different manuals. Cant remember where i got mine, but im sure sombody on here will be able to point you in the right direction...

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    If you are buying calipers then don't buy them from a reloading shop or manufacturer as they charge a fortune for them. I suspect 99% of them are built in the same factory in China anyhow and you can get them for a lot less from a more general supplier.

    I would also suggest, if your eyesight isn't as good as it used to be, that you go with a digital set. Apart from anything else there is a lot less chance of making a mistake in the read out of the measurement. Again from a general supplier you will get them for less than 20.

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    Maplin have them (digital callipers) on offer for 9.99

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