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Thread: Harkila Pro shooter trousers

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    Harkila Pro shooter trousers

    Has anyone got any info on these ?The pro hunter ones get good reviews but might be a bit on the warm side for me

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    Donald wears your troosers !
    I have the prohunters & they are too hot for the hill & the outer layer soaks up the water nobodys business , the proshooters aren't waterproof & made of the same cordura outer so I doubt if theyre that great (espiecially on mull) if your stalking in them , if you just want a lighter weight trooser for the hiker pants look better .

    Hope your well & enjoy a great xmas .


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    Got myself a pair early Christmas pressie wore them rough shoot last sat sweated like a beast

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    Toughest trousers found so far with excellent features. K

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