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Thread: Trail cams

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    Trail cams

    Hi, can anyone recomend a suitable trail cam or a store (or web site that sells them) i have a budget of up to 150. IR flash if possible.


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    see stevenicknack on here he had some new 1s for sale ??

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    just ordered a little acorn with mms facility off flea bay 189 pounds posted with spare 8 gb memory card
    recommended from a friend
    scroll through to find the seller JEDMARK
    regards pete .

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    I purchased a Ltl Acorn 5210MM from Ebay via Hong Kong and if some how avoided customs this model sends an MMS pic to your phone, but you can get one without this function as well.

    Here's one (non MMS) from the UK on eBay which includes an 8GB memory card:

    The picture quality is excellent, I have a thread with some examples here:


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    Does anyone know if the Hawk prostalk trail cams are any good???

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    Stay away from Stealth Cams, they are ****!

    I have a Spy Point one here and it misses nothing.
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    What are the Spypoint ones like? I was looking at the 5mp IR model???

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    In my opinion they are very good, when they were both put at a Boar feed site the Spy Point picked up 177 videos, the Stealth Cam recorded 9.

    Both cameras on similar setting and on the same tree pointing the same direction. This isnt the first time it has been tested either, Ive set the Stealth Cam up in my kennels and over the course of a day it took 4 photos.

    Il load up some of last nights footage and you can see the video from the Spy Point.

    Excuse the IR flare, the camera is attatched to the only tree by the dead stag and its a little too close.

    Click the picture, its a 1 min video.

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    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I have one (a Leafriver trailcam) for sale. PM sent

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