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Thread: Age Limits...?

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    Age Limits...?

    My girlfriend has a 5 year old nephew, and I've taken him to the range a few times and let him shoot (fully supervised 1-2-1 obviously) - I think I'm right in saying I'm ok to do this, but at what age can I take him out hunting and is he allowed to use one of my air rifles?

    He's genuinely a nice charachter and does as he's told or I wouldn't let him near any sort of rifle, just don't want to get him too into it if there are too many restrictions?

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    Might be an idea to post an introduction as per the site rules.

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    In the 'Introductions' section on the forum main page.

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    As long as he's using a non-fac air weapon, and is under supervision at all times, then you have no problems. He can't shoot on his own until he's 14, and he can't buy weapons or ammunition (including air rifle pellets) until he's 18.

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    My 2 boys have been shooting air rifles for a while now, but the 10-year-old has only just started coming out with me when quarry shooting. Until now I don't think he's been mature enough to understand the implications of what we are doing.

    I'm so glad this isn't Mumsnet

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